How to Make A Private Story On Snapchat?

Snapchat story has been a popular way to share life updates and news since it was created but sometimes there are things users want to share with some, but not all, of their followers. There are specific private stories that users can make. Those stories allow users to choose the exact friends in the app that they want to be able to see their story. There are a few things users should keep in mind about any story they make, including private stories in the app.

All stories last 24 hours and then the photos and videos disappear forever unless they’re saved to memories or saved to the user’s camera roll. Users can create up to three “Custom,” “Geo” or “Private” stories at a time, according to Snapchat. When a user creates a Private story the snaps they add are visible to the friends they grant access to and they can also make it possible for other friends in the app to add to the story. The snaps from that story are available in the normal “My Story” for the users who have access to them. Users can add up to 1,000 snaps to their stories at a time. Once they hit the limit of 1,000, the oldest snaps will begin to be replaced by the new ones in the lineup.

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How Snapchat’s Private Story Works?

In a Snapchat Private Story, only you can add Snaps. Also, only the friends you select can view these Stories. Your non-selected friends won’t even know you have created a Private Story. Your friends will see your Private Stories mixed in with your My Stories. However, on an Android device, Private Stories and My Stories may appear separately.

Steps to create Snapchat’s Private story

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on your profile icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Stories’ heading and tap ‘Private Story.’

Step 3: Select the people who will have access to your Story then tap on ‘Create Story.’

Step 4: Name your story and tap Save.

Step 5: Select the private story you just made to add one.

Step 6: Continue to record just as you would any other Snapchat Story and post it.

Step 7: Even though Snapchat’s in-app interface can be difficult to get used to, posting Private Stories is really simple.

What to name the Snapchat Private Story?

Private story names for Snapchat are a must to increase interaction. A good private Snapchat story name stands out. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, you need to be more funny, savage, and clever. So, try to use funny private story names to stand out. With private stories, you get to share beautiful moments with your close friends. But what’s the point if you have a boring name for your private story? It’s important to come up with something interesting that grabs your followers’ attention.

Do you need some cool name suggestions? Well, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a long list of cool private story names to help you in your endeavors to create a name people will love. Scroll down through the list and grab whatever tickles your fancy.

Funny Private Story Name Ideas

  1. Me-TV
  2. Worst. Story. Ever.
  3. It’s a Sad Story
  4. Private Self-destruction
  5. Living Story
  6. Imaginary Life
  7. Bag Me To Hell
  8. Because I’m worth it
  9. Congrats, would you like a medal?
  10. Ideaaat
  11. Snap hoc
  12. Meoww
  13. Camp Boxer
  14. Extra large
  15. Just Did It
  16. Beavis and Butt-Bed
  17. Mr. Lazy
  18. Skipped a Beat
  19. Shaggy Dog
  20. Plant pot mad
  21. Green breast
  22. Nipple clamp
  23. Tortoise Salad
  24. Fun funeral
  25. Smelly Lion
  26. Hot and sticky
  27. First time for everything? 😉
  28. “Whatever” with a smile. 🙂
  29. No filter is needed here 😉
  30. Hannah Ray
  31. Pillow talk
  32. Star in the making
  33. Rock the bed
  34. Boss time
  35. Rotten egg
  36. Apple Beer Burp
  37. Dirt Brag
  38. Bottomfeeder
  39. Bearded dragon
  40. Sellout
  41. Crispy bread
  42. Adult nappies
  43. Whoopee Woman
  44. Hairy Mole
  45. Balls of Steel
  46. The Morning After
  47. Out-Takes
  48. Hey daddy
  49. Hail Damage
  50. Wannabe
  51. Headhunter Daily
  52. Basket Space
  53. Naked truffles
  54. The Ways of a Wild Drunk Mess
  55. Low gas
  56. Better when I’m with you
  57. Daily GaGa
  58. Braces Off
  59. The Daily Afro
  60. Atomic banana
  61. Mother Monkey
  62. Doom and Room
  63. That’s All, Folks
  64. The ‘Should have deleted’ ones
  65. Steaming
  66. On Proud nine
  67. Billy Goat Beard
  68. Mememe
  69. Crunchy cereal
  70. Bull Monty
  71. Bad Medicine
  72. Sistine Apple
  73. Cheeto Fingers
  74. Lights On, Nobody Home
  75. Inside the womb
  76. Piano Tuner
  77. Fluffy Duck
  78. Lose Grace
  79. Christmas is Cancelled

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  • Good Private Story Name Ideas

  • Try not to be hard on urself
  • Who am I? Meet the real me!
  • The best things in life are free
  • I’m not perfect but I try
  • I don’t like Mondays
  • Stay petty
  • Don’t judge a book by the cover
  • Be kind to one another
  • Laugh now cry later!
  • Haters make me stronger
  • Laughter is d best medicine
  • Play with life
  • It takes courage to love
  • You are uniquely special
  • “Yes” to everything today
  • My cat’s name is Chubby
  • No filter is needed here!
  • My life in photos & videos!
  • This is a private story for me only
  • Just being me
  • Blessed with bad decisions
  • It is what it is 🙂
  • Snapchat is like my diary
  • “Me” time with myself!
  • good things happen
  • Haters are my motivators 🙂
  • t’s always good to be yourself
  • The magic of me!
  • Life is a journey
  • Love is all you need 🙂
  • I’m not perfect but I have fun
  • Leave it all behind for a while
  • My life is always an adventure
  • Happy, healthy, and loved
  • This is my world of color 🙂
  • “I’m free” at last!
  • No filters here. It’s all me 😉
  • The story of a lifetime

Creative Private Story Name Ideas

  • I’m a space cadet
  • I’ll be your best work of art
  • You’re like, totally my type
  • Sassy and sweet, that’s me!
  • The world is my catwalk
  • Look at this vogue goer
  • I’m a social butterfly
  • The perfect dose of sugar & spice
  • My style’s like, so hot it hurts
  • I’m a low-key baller
  • My attitude is so bad, it’s gd
  • I know I look good, just sayin’
  • Dare me to be your favorite?
  • My life’s like an epic story
  • This is going down in history
  • I’m so fly, my shoes r jealous
  • I know when to keep it cool
  • I’m a unicorn with wings
  • Lyf is a neverending adventure
  • I make the ice cream melt
  • You know that’s my fav pose?
  • My style game is on point!
  • I’m a real live wire
  • My life is such an open book
  • I’m like the perfect cup of tea
  • I’m so on-trend, it’s scary
  • The coolest girl you know
  • I’m a total rockstar?
  • This is my jam for the night
  • Bold & beautiful like it shd b
  • My life is like a work of art
  • I’ve got it all under control
  • The more the merrier
  • My smile’s contagious
  • I’m so full of energy!
  • I put my heart on the line 4 U
  • I’m the queen of awesome
  • I’m way too happy
  • No one can take my joy away!
  • My life is just too wild
  • I’m living in the moment
  • Every day is a blessing


Personal stories on this particular platform are simple to produce and share with anybody who’s on your buddies’ list. You can include as many or as few as you want who can view the story you produce. The label of Snapchat’s private story name ideas would indicate that you’re sharing something romantic and showcasing some cherished memories or moments.

These may also be a catch of emotions or a few minutes that were significant for you or to somebody. You can create this type of story, talk about it with your friend or friends, and delete them anytime you desire. Normally the personal stories you make and discuss on this stage expire within one day.

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