How To Unlock Your Snapchat Account – Complete Guide

Snapchat is a prevalent application that turned up a few years ago and only in the past few years has it started gaining popularity. Throughout its lifespan, there have been many upgrades given to Snapchat due to all the issues and errors that’s been giving rise to app failure. There have even been upgrades to change the whole setup of the application, some have been satisfactory, some have been poor. 

Since the app has tons of users, a lot of people come up with issues such as accounts being temporarily locked, message sending and receiving issues, white screen glitches, etc. One of the most common bugs Snapchat users face is the account being locked, where they receive an error message on the screen displaying ‘oh no! your account has been temporarily locked. In certain situations, users experience their accounts being locked for no reason. To tackle such issues, here’s a guide on how to unlock Snapchat accounts in such situations. 


 In most cases, Snapchat accounts get locked due to the usage of third-party applications, factors, or tugs like a phantom, 6snap, etc which are illicit or not supported by Snapchat. Another reason can be if Snapchat tracks down if a user is sending spam, unprompted snaps or messages in chat with offensive behavior. Also, if a user is adding too many friends without email and phone number verification and accounts might also get affected by frequent app updates. 

The time span Snapchat retains an account blocked or locked depends on what affected the Snapchat team to lock it. Most of the time, Snapchat is provisionally blocked for trivial reasons and it takes a few hours to days to get back and unlock the account. But at times, Snapchat can be persistently locked by serious issues. In such a case, the Snapchat team provides users with a permanent forbid on Snapchat services.


It is necessary for Snapchat users to know and understand some standard methods to avoid getting the Snapchat lock again.

1. Obey Snapchat Community Guidelines & Terms of Service

The Snapchat algorithm detects any unfamiliar activity happening in the account. According to community guidelines, to prevent the account from being blocked users should steer clear of mass messaging people or other foul offensive actions that go against the rules.

2.Uninstallation of any third-party plugins and applications 

Any application that links with Snapchat by requesting a user’s Snapchat login credentials such as email address, username, and password are probably proscribed and uncertified and are being opposed by Snapchat’s terms of service. If an account gets blocked, users are strictly advised to delete all third-party plug-ins. 

3. Phone number and email address verification

To show Snapchat if an account is authentic and real, the user needs to verify the email address and mobile number. Although in most cases, any skeptical and abusive actions come from nonverified accounts. By this verification process, the user’s account can look more reliable and also prevent possible issues. 

  1. Saving a secure and random password

Even now, many people use easily accessible and simple passwords which can also be a reason for accounts being hacked or blocked. To avoid such issues, users are highly suggested to use passphrases instead of passwords or a combination of odd characters that are loftier to dictionary words.


Before moving on to the steps to unlock an account, users must ensure that all the possible reasons are abolished for making an attempt to unlock the account as if any issue remains unsolved, users might risk their account getting permanently blocked. 

Here are some simple steps which work both on mobile applications and web browsers, users can follow to unlock a locked Snapchat account. 

Step 1. To unlock a Snapchat account, users must visit Snapchat’s official ‘My account is locked’ page and tap on the ‘unlock your account’ option.

Step 2. Now, log in by entering the email id and selecting the ‘unlock’ option from the menu section.

Step 3. By selecting the ‘unlock’ button, it will unlock the account and the user will be able to access their accounts as usual, also including sending and receiving requests and snaps.

But even after attempting these steps, users still face a problem with the account being temporarily locked, so it is recommended for users to contact Snapchat’s customer support agent. 


Many Snapchat users face this common problem of accounts being locked or blocked but by following these simple steps, users can prevent their accounts from facing such issues. Users should first ensure the usual causes of an account being locked before logging back in again, otherwise, it may become permanently locked,” as per the Snapchat development team.

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