Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, regardless if they live in a rural area or even the countryside. Those eras of carrying CDs beyond the stores to watch music videos as well as other films are lost forever. By not mentioning the web, we will tell you about the well-known website today. A pirated site called BiharMasti offers users various kinds of information for free, including Bhojpuri Holi, Bhojpuri Movie Mp3 Songs, Bhojpuri Album Mp3 Songs, Bhojpuri Movie Video Songs, Bhojpuri New Mp3 Songs, and Bhojpuri Full Movies.


The Internet is frequently utilized by numerous users to look for BiharMasti. As individuals who are seeking Bhojpuri Gana, reading this article will be very helpful as it will teach you how to download Bhojpuri Gana or movies from

BiharMasti : What is it?

Users can access any variety including Bhojpuri albums, Full HD Bhojpuri video songs, all varieties of Bhojpuri MP3s, and Bhojpuri movies from the portal BiharMasti.

Most significant aspect of this website for Bhojpuri movies is that there are no PopUp Ads or other similar advertisements, which makes it simple for users to download movies or other types of media from here.

However, because this is an unauthorized domain, downloading films from there is hardly secure, yet more people utilize this website.

The Activity of Biharmasti

Everyone is aware why every film and song involves a lot of talent, money, and labor from numerous actors and teams. They make their music and trailer available to the public. A song and video take weeks to several months to create and release. Producers and actors are keen to see the fruits of their labor, and the sales of their songs might provide this information.

However, piracy sites release a single track without the producers’ consent in order to profit from internet traffic, which has resulted in a significant loss for the original banner. Therefore, one can conclude that BiharMasti‘s business practices are morally and legally repugnant.

The best-known portal in the bhojpuri industry, this is an advertising site from which you can download bhojpuri music and videos at your own risk. Every time a new Bhojpuri song is released, you can download the audio by heading to the Bihar Masti website. The entire collection of Bhojpuri films are accessible just on Biharmasti website.

To ensure that receives the full benefits of Bihar, the site’s owner redirected the entire domain to

How to downloaded movies via Biharmasti?

Visit biharmasti‘s webpage if you wish to see a film for free. Since accessibility to such pages has been restricted in India. You  should not be unable to open it. Initially, install a VPN from the Google Play Store, activate it, then choose a country where this website has no sister sites. Then, proceed with the steps below. It is important to note that there are various types of advertisements available when you visit this website.

At which download link is also provided, thus if you see any such message, delete it right away since otherwise this virus may also spread and can also enter the device.

Detailed movie download step by step:-

Step 1: Open in your preferred browser first.

Step 2: Select the movie that you wish to download from the category of your choice.

Step 3: Next, select the Download Now button located beneath the video.

Step 4: Several connections will open here; click on each one to review it.

How to Download Biharmasti Bhojpuri Song?

Even if getting a track from this site is quite simple and anyone can do it, you should still follow the instructions below if you can’t download Bhojpuri Mp3: –

Step 1: First, you must visit the website. The top of the page is where you can find a menu of all the different kinds of songs as well as a list of those that have been released in the same way.

Step 2. Enter the name of the music you wish to listen to or download in the search box provided or select Direct Song.

Step 3. Following this, the download page for the music will display all of its details. you must select “Download File” there.

Step 4. As soon as you do this, a music install begins for you to play on your computer or mobile device.

How can I get the Biharmasti App?

To get the Biharmasti App, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on this link to the Biharmasti App APK

Step 2: Next, select the download option.

Step 3: The downloading should begin instantly once you click the download link.

Biharmasti Telegram Channel Download

You should all be aware of the fact that the Telegram Channel is well-known for allowing users to download movies, as this is a claim that is frequently made by users but is also accurate.

You can avoid visiting piracy websites like by using the links I’ve provided for a few of these Telegram Channels below. To use these Telegram Channels, you may download Full HD Bhojpuri movies.

Therefore, if you have Telegram installed on the device, you can download any Bhojpuri movie, whether it is recent or older.

Telegram Channel Name Channel Link

1.Bhojpuri HD Movies Join Now

2.Bhojpuri Movie 247 Join Now

3.Bhojpuri Movies Join Now

4.Biharmasti Join Now

5.Facebook Page Like Us

6.New Bhojpuri HD Movies Join Now

Music by Biharmasti Categories

Regardless of the genre you listen to the song in, as we have already stated, you may find all kinds of Bhojpuri songs on this website. To make it easier for you to know which song you will receive from the Biharmasti website Mp3 menu, we have included a list of it.


Piracy is prohibited and is a crime. Such piracy is opposed . Our article’s sole objective is to provide you with knowledge. Additionally, refrain from endorsing or promoting these unlawful and pirated actions in this case. This article has been written by us purely as data. We don’t serve any other function besides this.

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